About us

Black Dog Farms is one of Imperial Valley’s most experienced and recognized names in the farming industry.  Our 45-year heritage and our long standing reputation are built on the highest quality products with specific attention to the highest food safety standards.  Mario Saikhon, our founder, was a leader and innovator in the produce world and contributed ideas still in use today.  For more than 25 years, Ralph Smalling helped build Mario and Jeff into “must-have” brand names.  Now, as Black Dog Farms, we are continuing the tradition of being one of the leading growers of vegetables and field crops in the Imperial Valley.


The Imperial Valley’s unique climate and fertile soil are the main reasons Black Dog Farms is able to produce such high quality products.  Due to its extremely mild winters, fertile soil, and water from the Colorado River, the Imperial Valley is an ideal location, unlike many other farming locales, to grow first rate winter crops on a yearly basis and is why it is nicknamed the “Winter’s Salad Bowl.”  Because other locales cannot produce the same quality in the winter, Black Dog Farms is able to fill the void where big farming locales such as SalinasSanta Maria, and Fresno fall short.


Black Dog Farms produces premium winter crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, head lettuce, leaf lettuce, and romaine lettuce viagra 50 mg price http://viagraindian.com/products/cialis-professional/.  Our produce is not limited to just the winter.  In the spring, we are first to market our cantaloupes, watermelons, and sweet corn.  And on a yearly basis we produce field and forage crops which are carefully managed and rotated with our vegetable crops in order to enhance productivity and keep our farm land in good tilt.  Our field and forage crops include wheat, alfalfa, Bermuda grass, Klein grass, and Sudan grass which are sold in the world market.  (See out “Products” page for our growing schedule.)


Besides growing high quality products our #1 priority at Black Dog Farms is food safety.  As food safety guidelines become more stringent every year, Black Dog Farms has sought to stay above and beyond what is expected and our immaculate food safety record is proof.  (For more details about our food safety practices, see our “Food Safety” page.)